Palm Leaf Reviews

  • Palm Leaf Mini Bowl: "My picky bun loves this! Never seen anything like it before, but my bun loves this and nibbles on it throughout the day. She is pretty picky with her chew toys too!" Customer Brielle

  • Palm Leaf Mini Bowl: "Best chew toy treat ever! My bunnies go crazy over these palm leaf [Bowls]! I have to treat them like treats since they love them so much. A plate will only last a few minutes, but I definitely plan on ordering more for them! Great product and much better than any colored generic chew toy." Customer Paulette

  • Palm Leaf Heart Bowl: "Love it. My bunnies can be picky but they both love these leaf bowls and carry them all around the room" Customer Carly

  • Bowls: "THE BUNNIES LOVE THESE BOWLS! I gave some of these bowls to my daughter to use as treat bowls for her bunnies. They go crazy for the bowls! They chew them and toss them. They are excited when they see that they are going to be given a bowl to play with." Customer CJ

  • Round Bowls: "EVERYBUNNY LOVES THESE! Set a couple of these out overnight for the buns to nibble on and throughout the night I would hear them chomping on the edges and playing tug-of-war and tossing them around the living room. love them." Customer Eggin

  • Square Bowls: "Perfect for my futile attempts to keep our house marginally free of hay-absolutely-everywhere. All four of our buns love nibbling on these palm leaf bowls. GREAT FOR CHEWING. All four of our buns love chewing on these things. I fill them with the "dust" from their oat hay and they have a ball tossing it around like oat confetti, then they chew the bowl until there is nothing left. I love it because it's loud so i can always hear them enjoying themselves." Customer Henrici

  • Treat Box: "I’LL BE ORDERING MORE! I decided to try one of these out and added to my order. My bun LOVED it! I put some of his pellets in it, and it kept him busy for quite awhile. It’s a great foraging toy. I will be ordering more of these." Customer Caese

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