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Serenity Snack

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Now in Larger Size! AND with Red clover.  Developed by a certified herbalist and nutritionist as well as a fellow bunny rescuer/lover. Created with high-quality herbs and botanicals, with just the right synergistic blend - which makes all the difference! 

A special treat with calming and comforting herbs for bunnies.  Developed for use with adult bunnies, this gently calming, great tasting snack also provides digestive support against digestive upsets that can come from stress. 


  • Contains herbs and flowers with a long history of traditional use to help ease stress and anxiety.
  • Aids relaxation for stressful times, like when traveling, bonding, a peace offering when nail trimming or anytime your bunny may need a little calming support.
  • Does not use strong central nervous system sedative herbs that are best used under the supervision of a vet trained in herbal medicine.


  • Weight: 1.96 ounces.


Plantain Leaf, Rose Petals, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Oat Grass & Tops and a touch of Skullcap and Red Clover.


  • Due to product availability - there is a 2 qty limit per customer. To help keep the peace.


  • Use up to one tablespoon per serving. Keep unused portion tightly sealed and dry. Store in a cool, dry location away from sunlight.


  • Moisture 11.26%
  • Dry matter 88.74%
  • Protein (crude) 15.2%
  • Fat (crude) 3.14%
  • Fiber 19.8%
  • Sulfur .30%
  • Phosphorus .44%
  • Potassium 2.33%
  • Magnesium .34%
  • Calcium 1.35%
  • Sodium .04%
  • Iron 122 ppm
  • Manganese 71 ppm
  • Copper 8.6 ppm
  • Zinc 34.2 ppm

So what makes these dried flowers and herbs high quality? Don't be fooled by look-a-likes and copycats. Low-quality herbs and botanicals can come from sources that have questionable authenticity and organic status and can be lacking in potency. Flopper's Garden chooses certified organic suppliers, with high standards and a good reputation. The suppliers adhere to strict procedures concerning, growing, harvesting, handling, drying and storing of botanicals. This includes lab analysis for quality and consistency. The facilities are regulated to protect the aroma and color of the botanicals. When possible botanicals are Kosher and Fair Trade Certified.

In addition, Flopper's certified herbalist expert creates just the right blend for positive synergistic effects. Some might think they can just throw the same ingredients in and mix them up. This isn't safe. How much of each ingredient used, is key to it working well and safely. Also, nutritional values along with the recommended serving amount is provided. Be wary of any botanical herbal mix that lacks this information; just because something is natural doesn't mean it should be given in limitless amounts. You can trust the products we sell! Choosing the best for our furry companions is the safest way to go!