The BUNS Coloring Book (Dea Lenihan)


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The BUNS Coloring Book by Dea Lenihan (Paperback).

We love this coloring book. The artist takes you on a whimsical journey of "THE BUNS, a one inch tall breed of rabbit. Some say they don't exist, and others say they have seen a fuzzy shadow speeding around the corner."

For the young at heart and children alike, this is a whimsical coloring book meant to bring a smile to your face, and remind us all that it is okay to look on the bright side of life. All the images are appropriate for any age. The Buns has 20 bordered images to color, two fun info pages, and two pages of labels to color and use. This book is printed on Createspace paper.

Each of the 20 images is featured twice for 40 images to color.