Plantain Pick-A-Stick (Limited Supply)


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Bunnies go insane for plantain.  Did you know plantain sticks are actually the long flower stems of the plant?  This is a nutritive twig treat that promotes healthy gut function.  Plantain is a useful herb for humans as well as bunnies and the buns love it, including the twigs. 

Pick a stick or two for hand feeding, or boost up the foraging fun by placing strategically around a play area, in hay and more. The twigs can be broken up into bits and pieces so you can place them in many places. A great way to watch your bunny use its keen sense of smell for a fun Plantain hide and seek game. Healthy Enrichment for mind and body. 


  • Be sure to keep your plantain sticks in package to keep them crisp> sticks. Plantain sticks are from the herb plantain, (not related banana also known as plantain).
  • LIMITED 2 packages per order due to Limited Supply


  • Size: 4" x 1/16 
  •  Around 0.5 ounces


Organic Plantain Twigs