Holiday Binky Bag

$25.99 $31.68

Holiday Binky Bag full of Fun!  (A 20% Savings)  

Bag designs will be chosen at random:  Plain Burlap with Red Bow OR Green Holiday.  You can add preference notes in your order but we cannot guarantee which one will be available. We will do our best to fill your request. 

Keep your bunny busy throughout any holiday you celebrate. Give all at once or offer something new and exciting to chew on every day. It's not all for your bunny though; we snuck in little surprises for you too. We included an adorable little holiday magnet and sticker just for you. (Be sure to get it out before your bunny gets to it!)

If we run out of one or more of the products listed, we will replace with equally loved products.


  • Sea Grass Bowl Small
  • Vine Star
  • Willow Chunk Chew
  • Willow Ring (Bare Wreath version) 
  • Tree Ring Rattle(shown)  or Star Ball Rattle 
  • Holiday Ornament Chew (we will surprise you with a snowman, star or tree)
  • Variety of Twigs (Pear, Willow and Dogwood) 
  • Cute Holiday Magnet
  • Flavored Balsa Cube (Grape - while supplies last) 
  • Beautiful Bunny Sticker
  • Sprinkles of Willow Leaves
  • Burlap Bag Surprise Option -- Plain Burlap with Red Bow or Green Holiday.  You can put in notes which one you prefer, but we cannot guarantee which one will be available.  We will do our best to fill your request.