Binky Bag of Willow Leaves


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Limited 2 per order as these are in limited quantities.

One of the most favorite bunny treats of all time is Dried Willow Leaves. It's like candy for bunnies...but healthy! It's the perfect gift idea! That's why we have packed these plaid gingham sacks full of willow leaves, and topped it off with a toy. (MAY VARY- willow ring, bunny rattle, Heart Toss, etc.)

The little Binky Sack is not meant for bunnies to chew on. It is a perfect for you to store your own knick-knacks in after contents are finished, or if your bunny loves willow wreaths, you know those leaves can go fast - you can make them last by taking some of the leaves off the wreath and keeping them in your new Binky Sack as treats!

Sack Description: A flat bottom cotton sack made from a small gingham print material with a ribbon pull string.


  • Limit it to 2 per order so there is enough for most.
  • They come and go very fast. Why? Each time willow wreaths are harvested and packed we lose a lot of willow leaves. We kept seeing all these tasty leaves go to waste. We found an great way to catch the leaves and turn them into a product that bunnies love. It can take a couple of months between each harvest/packing session when we can gather a plethora of leaves, and then they sell out fast again.


  • Size: 10 3/8 Tall 5 5/8 Wide 1 5/8 Gusset (Subtract about 1-1/2" from sack height to obtain the size of the sack under the ribbon pull.)