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6-in-1 DIY Bun Fun Toy Kit

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Finding toys that bunnies like is challenging. We put together tried and true favorites for the perfect DIY toy that offers many fun options! From softer woods like Yucca, Jerusalem Artichoke log, Palm leaf to medium and harder chews from grape vine, willow ring and Willow Chunks and/or Birch Chunks, this do-it-yourself 6 in 1 is a true boredom buster. It allows you to customize the toy options for your bunny. Make up to six hanging and/or toss toys. Divide up in a variety of ways. Hang each individually around your bunny's play area, or create one big fun rattle. Lots of fun options!


Tie knots between wood pieces if you want space between toys. Tie knots at bottom to secure. Best to tie the parts close together so that bunny can't chew the sea grass twine in between and take the toy apart so easily.


  • 1 Willow Chunk or Birch Chunk
  • 2 Yucca Chunks
  • 1 Willow Ring with Palm Leaf bow
  • 1 Grape Vine Star or Heart
  • 1 Jerusalem Artichoke Stick
  • 1 Sea Grass Twine to use for one or many toys  (36 inches)

Note: If we run out of a toy, we may replace it with something similar. 


  • All pieces are pre-drilled.
  • Because these are all natural - size and colors fluctuate.