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Fruity Balsa BLOCK TRIO

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A favorite is back! Fruity Balsa Blocks By Fun4Bunnies. A flavored wood toy that really holds the flavor.  A BinkyBunny Exclusive! This flavored trio only available at BinkyBunny.

Three yummy flavored mini balsa wood blocks: Apple, Banana and Blueberry. Flavored with 100% fruit and fruit juices - no artificial flavoring or coloring. Soft balsa wood chews are great for every bunny, but this is a wonderful option for bunnies that have teeth issues and can't normally chew on hard woods. A chew block that all rabbits can easily sink their choppers into!

The 1" blocks have pre-cut holes. The sisal rope gives you DIY hanging toy options: Make one full toy with a trio of flavors, or create up to three separate toys to divide around your bunnies space. Can hang from cage, pen, tunnels, playhouses. Tie to baskets and other chew toys -- or just leave loose blocks. Many options to play with and find out what works best for your bunny. (To get rope through blocks, best to twist/turn as you push through.)

All toys are handmade using safe flavored balsa and will be unique. Balsa wood is flavored using 100% fruit and fruit juices without any artificial flavoring, coloring or added sugar. The drying process is extensive so the toys will last packaged for quite some time. The coloring can vary depending on the type of fruit and fruit juice used. Each toy is handmade and will be unique.

New toys should always be given under close supervision.


  • Size: Each block is 1" cube
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Flavors: Apple, Banana and Blueberry