Back to Basics Fun Pack (LIMITED TIME)

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This is a seasonal edition for August and September or only while supplies last.

Back to Basics Fun pack offers healthy bunny boredom busters needed during this busy time! While many of us get back to basics and gear up for school and work after summer vacation, our bunnies can too.   Basic doesn't mean boring in this case.  Basic as in healthy staples that bunnies love: A variety of sticks and toys made from willow, pear, apple, grape vine, birch, timothy cubes and more, all packed into a peeled willow hay rack (chewable/edible as well!).   A variety of textures, tastes and scents that will keep your bunny busy while you're busy too.  PLUS, two fun stickers for you -- for being the best human a bunny could ask for. 


(ALL Bunny safe for Bunny to chew - EXCEPT for the sticker and magnet for you, of course )

  • Peeled Willow Hay Rack
  • Apple Sticks
  • Pear Sticks
  • Grape Vine Twirl
  • Grape Vine Star
  • Flavored Balsa Wood Chew
  • Large Willow Ring
  • Heart Ring Toss
  • Willow chunk Chew - small
  • 4 Timothy Cubes
  • Sprinkle of tasty Willow Leaves
  • Two cute surprise stickers FOR YOU


  • If we run out of one of the toys, we will replace it with another favorite
  • Selections may vary slightly if supplies change