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DEADLINES:  This year, carriers have earlier cut-offs and we have longer order processing times. We need 7 business days to ship your order, and the carrier needs time it to get it to you. We also expect more customers will order early and so it could take us even a bit longer, but as long as you order early enough, we still have a better chance of getting your order out in time. 

PLEASE order by December 5th but DO NOT USE Fedex SMARTPOST, otherwise order by December 1st.  That way no matter where you live, what carrier you use, we have a great chance of getting it to you by Christmas. 


  • Fedex SmartPost:  Order by December 1st.
  • Fedex Ground/Home:  Order by  December 5th
  • USPS Priority: Order by December 9th
  • USPS First Class: Order by December 8th

NOTE: Not all services are offered for you order. Larger orders usually default to FedEx as they are cheaper than USPS Priority after a certain weight. So be sure to order soon to see what shipping options are available to you! 

Common question:  If I order after that date, will my order arrive late?  We will be working fast and furiously to get orders out ASAP, so it's possible, but not guaranteed. IF it does arrive late it is a great start to the New Year.  

VACATION:  We will be on vacation from December 22nd thru January 2nd. Orders will be not be filled during this time so be sure to plan ahead for your bunny Food, Treats and Noms. More Info...