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CHRISTMAS:  The order deadline for Christmas has passed. We need time to fill your order and the carriers need time it to get it to you. 

Common question:  If I order this late, is it still possible to get to me by Christmas?   We are working fast and furiously to get orders out ASAP, so it's possible, but not guaranteed. IF it does arrive after Christmas, it's just a wonderful start to the New Year.  

BINKYBUNNY ELVES VACATION: December 22nd thru January 1st.

Orders will be not be filled during this time so be sure to plan ahead for your bunny Food, Treats and Noms. 

ORDER NOW if you need anything DURING our holiday vacation!

Cut-off time is Thursday Dec 21st at 11:30pm PT

Be sure to order asap so we can fill it before we leave on vacation. We know this may not be convenient for some customers, but our small team works like frenzied nutty bunnies this time of year; Then we collapse into a pile of exhausted lounging lagomorphs. A vacation is a must so we can rest and get back to hoppin' in the New Year. 

Thank you for your support!