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Apple Twig Tree (Enriched Life by Oxbow)

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Bunnies love to explore and destroy with chew-time fun. Great mental and physical stimulation. The Apple Twig Tree allows you to add sticks, treats and even greens to this play tree.  It comes with Oxbow Apple sticks.  If you want MORE chew sticks - try BinkyBunny's Organic Apple, Pear and Dogwood.  

Enriching your pet’s daily life starts with supporting natural behaviors such as exploring, playing, hiding, and chewing. Oxbow Enriched Life is designed with these natural behaviors in mind and is constructed from 100% pet-safe materials, allowing you to nurture your pet’s mind and body in safe and fun ways every day. Comes with Oxbow Apple Sticks. 


  • Customizable for interactive play
  • Great for hanging fresh greens and veggies
  • Made with untreated wood
  • Supports your pet’s instinctual chewing, playing, and exploring behaviors
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation
  • Offer a variety of Enriched Life chews and engagement items in the habitat daily to keep your pet’s life enriched


  • Materials: Pinewood and Apple Sticks