Baskets & Toys Winter Edition 2021

$29.99 $38.67

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A big bundle of bunny favorites put together in an adorable Holiday Picnic. The perfect gift for your bunnies.  A chew-fest festival of play to keep them busy and out of trouble throughout the season. 


(ALL Bunny safe for Bunny to chew - EXCEPT for the sticker, of course )

  • Faceted Bunny Sticker
  • Peeled Mini Basket
  • Holiday Wood Ornament (Snowman, Tree, or Star)
  • Small Square Willow Basket
  • Willow Ball MEDIUM
  • Willow Ring LARGE
  • Curly Q Willow Stick
  • Willow Candy Cane
  • Large Sea Grass Mat


  • If we run out of one of the toys, we will replace it with another favorite
  • Selections may vary slightly if supplies change