Baskets & Toys SPRING Edition

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An activity pack full of fun!  It is specially designed for Spring Bunny Madness. This is the time of year that bunnies may get more active - even with neutered bunnies.  The extra light can make some bunnies get a little nutty.  But this Spring Edition will help keep your bunnies out of the trouble! With the Sea Grass Twine, you can thread it easily through the Square mat and turn it into an activity mat with all the other products. You can also tie toys to the baskets or find a new creative way to turn this  chew-fest festival of play to keep them busy and out of trouble throughout the season.   All put together in Spring theme packaging that makes it into a wonderful gift pack for some bunny you love!


(ALL Bunny safe for Bunny to chew - EXCEPT for the sticker and magnet for you, of course )

  • BUNS Bumper Sticker (for you)
  • Cute Bunny Magnet (for you) 
  • Sea Grass Twine
  • Sea Grass Square Mat
  • Sea Grass Bowl-Small
  • Vine Chain
  • Vine Twirl
  • Yucca piece
  • Fruit Flavored Balsa block
  • Willow Ball - Mini
  • Willow Ring - Large
  • Willow Basket


  • If we run out of one of the toys, we will replace it with another favorite
  • Selections may vary slightly if supplies change