Blossoms & Berries Bunny Bouquet (New Larger Size)


Now comes in a 24 ounce container.
This wonderfully fragrant, colorful blend of flowers, heart healthy cranberries (unsweetened) and digestion supporting plantain leaf adds foraging fun and variety to support your bunny's natural diet of fresh & dried grasses, herbs, leaves and flowers.  Entices your bunny to eat more hay when offered as a hay topper.  Or can be used as a stand alone treat.  Either way, a healthier way to spoil your bunny.  It’s like candy and flowers for some bunny special. 

Developed by a certified herbalist / nutritionist as well as a fellow bunny rescuer/lover. Created with high quality herbs and botanicals, with just the right synergistic blend - which makes all the difference! Good for Bunnies, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas!

Make foraging fun, healthy and tasty! This wonderfully fragrant healthy high quality blend of dried bunny safe herbs and flowers is formulated by an herbalist and fellow bunny rescuer. A pinch or two of this colorful high quality, fragrant, blend is a great way to encourage good litter box habits while adding a lovely garden scent. Sprinkle a pinch of Blossoms & Berries Bunny Bouquet on top of hay in the litter box or hay basket. Adds variety to entice your bunny to eat more hay for optimal health. Can also be used as a stand alone treat instead of a hay topper! Either way, a health, natural digestion supporting treat! 


  • Supports digestive system
  • Supports a rabbit's natural diet of fresh and dried grasses, herbs, leaves, bark and flowers
  • Appeals to a rabbit's foraging nature
  • Provides a healthier way to spoil your bunny
  • Adds variety to the diet
  • Supplies extra vitamins and mineral naturally
  • Promotes dental health through different chewing textures
  • Boosts overall health
  • Great for Guinea pigs as it is naturally full of vitamin C


  • Limit 3 per customer due to product availability
  • New Size, Now With More!.
  • Store in a cool, dry location away from sunlight. Ideal storage temperatures are 65 -73 degrees. 


  • A pinch or two in the hay or as a stand alone treat.


    • Dimensions: 9 X 6 X  3 1/2 
    • Weight: 1.78 oz.
    • Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight


    • Moisture 15.39%
    • Dry matter 84.61%
    • Protein (crude) 11.8%
    • Fat (crude) 4.95%
    • Fiber 16.9%
    • Sulfur .13%
    • Phosphorus .24%
    • Potassium 1.51%
    • Magnesium .20%
    • Calcium .64%
    • Sodium .02%
    • Iron 73.4 ppm
    • Manganese 33.2 ppm
    • Copper 6.6 ppm
    • Zinc 25.6 ppm