Hay Braids - VARIETY 5 Pack


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NOW 5 Braids instead of 3!  Now you get more of the favorites!  Two Herbal, Two Ropey Oat, and One Multigrain.  YUM!

Grown to organic standards developed by a certified nutritionist and herbalist, as well as a fellow bunny rescuer/lover. Toss, chew, Eat, Forage, Fiber, Fun! A tasty chew toy and treat in one.  Three different kinds offer a variety that your bunny will love. Hay Braids are handmade from variety of delicious hays, grains and herbs. Great for healthy digestion and nutrition! 

Best for adult bunnies.

A variety pack with different flavors! Contains one of each:

  • 2 Herbal Hay Braid: Oat and Orchard, plus Ribwort Plantain
  • 1 Multi-Grain Hay Braid: Rye, Italian Rye, and Young Oat grass
  • 2 Ropey Oat Braid: Young oat with oat tops.


  • 5 per package
  • Average Size: 8"L and approx. 1/2 to 3/4" diameter
  • Weight: 5 oz