Kudzu Nibble Twigs


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NEW Size! Kudzu Nibble Twigs are tasty thin branches made from Kudzu Vine grown in USA! A healthy chew treat toy that bunnies love! 

Never heard of it? Kudzu is on the list of safe foods for bunnies and seems to be a real chew toy hit. This is a wonderful opportunity to offer a wider variety of plant materials for bunnies for the deeper nutrition and wellness benefits, along with different chewing textures; great for healthy teeth!

What is Kudzu? It is a vine, native to Asia. But has been grown in the U.S. since the late 1876. It has a long tradition of use as an herbal remedy in traditional Chinese medicine, (considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs), and as a high quality forage for livestock. Most bunnies love the woody dried vines/twigs which is what is used in making the Kudzu Twist & Kurl product.
  • Average Size: 6" to 8"
  • Weight: .15 oz