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Leftovers Surprise Bag |A Fun Favorite!

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Leftovers Binky Bag Full of Surprises!  (25% Savings!)  

Some of the products were Winter/Holiday themed mixed in with "anytime fun favorites" We know many of you love surprises! So this year we are creating "surprise bags for every season".  The Winter Bag is chock-full of Binky-worthy Toys.  Give all at once or offer something new and exciting to chew on every day. The great thing about this gift is you can give one thing or a few things at a time or you can get creative and make it one or a few DIY bunny booster activity toys. 


  • Reusable Fine Net Bag full of Surprises - 10 surprise products including a lil' something special for you too!   
  • NO hay included - noted for those who have hay allergies. 


  • Approximate Size: 12" x 4" x 8"