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Quiet Time Rabbit Bed

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Soft bedding keeps bunnies comfy and helps prevent sore hocks. Even if you have a pen set-up, having a soft place for your bunny to lounge in is important. The 22 x 13 skinnier bed works well in cages and in Cube/NIC habitat set-ups as well.

While this was originally made for cats and dogs, we searched for the type of bed that works will for most bunnies. The small bumpers around the edges really make it perfect for bunnies. the edge is not too high or low. It allows them to lean up against, but keep their ear out and alert -- It simulates a "scrape".

Have you found your bunny likes to lean up against something while snoozing? The raised edges around these beds are perfect for bunny flops and serious loungers! Does your bunny sometimes dig at its bedding? It may be trying to create a scrape. What is a scrape you ask? It a little dent in the ground that their wild cousins dig out to offer a bit of security as they lounge. Bedding with a little bit of a raised edge simulates a "scrape" -- which makes this a perfect bed for your bunny.


  • Cinnamon 22" X 13"
  • Cinnamon 24" X 18"
  • Charcoal Gray 22" x 13"
  • Charcoal Gray 24" X 18" 


Not all Beds are made like Mid West makes them. All of our beds are washable...tested for over 100 washes. Have you ever washed a pet bed and the internal material will "bunch up" and render the product useless? We make sure that our material and stitching will last! All of our products are manufactured under very strict quality procedures that are conducted during each operation on a daily basis and full scale, random quality inspections completed during the year.


As with ANY bedding, if your bunny is one to chew up and/or eat it, you may need to try another source for lounging to prevent digestive problems.

(Last Photo of Customer's bunnies Bobby and Noble snuggling in their comfy bed)


  • Keeps Pets Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter
  • Bed Color Conceals Shedding (Cinnamon & Charcoal Gray)
  • Ultra-Soft Synthetic Sheepskin
  • Comfortable Polyester-Filled Bolsters
  • Cushioned Poly/Cotton Base
  • Completely Machine Washable