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Sunflower Sticks | NEW

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Tasty little snack sticks that bunnies love. These are more of snack than a chew stick.  One great way to make them last is to put them in our Nom Nom Dom Toy for enrichment fun. Another healthy enriching chew. Sunflower plant stalks have been used as a popular roughage for livestock since the early 20th century. These organic dried sunflower sticks provide not just a healthy snack, but gnawing fun too. The inviting taste and texture adds variety in nibbling and gnawing. The soft texture makes for enticing supplemental snack chew. 

SERVING SIZE: 2-3 sticks per day.  

If your bunny like thicker chews - check out our New Sunflower Mini Logs


    • Size Variety:  4"- 7" x 1/8 diameter
    • Weight:  1 ounce