Shipping Policy
We ship  to U.S. (including APO addresses, Puerto Rico, Virgin islands) and Canada only at this time. (For Puerto Rico Customers, scroll down to Puerto Rico Shipping Info at end)

CANADIAN AND INT'L CUSTOMERS:  We charge in U.S. Dollars. Your bank/card issues may charge you exchange fees. You may be charged duties and taxes from your countries customs.  We are not responsible for these charges.  

Order Processing Time: (The time it takes for us to fill the order before it's shipped)
Allow 2 Business Days to process your order.
(During Holiday Season:November/December please allow up to 3 business days to process orders) 

Shipping Rates:  Rates are determined by Weight, Size, Carrier and Distance. (Note: we are located in California). We receive business discounts from carriers that we pass on to you. We do not pad rates for profit. The rates you receive are the actual costs that we are charged.  We know we can't offer free or heavily discounted shipping like the big guys can, but we do our very best to offer unique high quality product choices and great customer service.  Your purchase supports small business and a great educational site.  For tips on how to save on shipping check out our BinkyBunny Shipping Page

Transit Times: (We are located in California). When you choose a carrier from our order drop down menu, some carriers will offer an *estimated transit time; This is how long your package may take once in the carriers possession.  This is NOT the estimated time of delivery from the time you place your order.  We need to process your order first. 

*Estimated Transit Times:  These are  average estimates. They are not guarantees. Delivery times are governed by the carrier shipping contracts.   While all efforts will be made to find out what has happened, we are not responsible for delivery delays beyond our control.  However, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can contact the carrier on your behalf. 

USPS is offered as an option up to 10lbs (after that, Fedex is always the cheaper price, and therefore the only one offered. You can email us if you insist on USPS due to a PO box, but be prepared for the higher price that USPS may charge)

Delivery times below are all estimated transit times - not guaranteed times:
  • Fedex Ground: 1- 5 days/Mon-Fri - For zoned BUSINESS addresses only.  If you have a business out of your home, but your home is not officially zoned as a commercial building, please do not select your home as a business address.  We get charged up $12 if this is not correct.
    (Contact  us if you have not received your package after 7 days) 
  • Fedex Home Delivery:  1- 5 days/Tues-Sat
    (Contact us if you have not received your package after 7 days)
  • Fedex Smart Post: 4-10 days within the Continental U.S.;however, our experience is that it takes 7-12 days to East Coast Customers.  (After 30 days a file can be claimed with this carrier if the package arrives after 30 days or is lost)   This service is only available as an option for order that are under 9lbs. 
  • USPS Parcel Post: 2 - 10 days, (Longer for states outside of the continental U.S. (Alaska, Hawaii, PR, VI)
  • USPS Priority:   2-3 days within the 48 states. It will take longer for APO addresses, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Two Day Fedex Transit Time is NOT 2 day EXPRESS: Fedex Ground and Fedex Home Delivery is NOT Federal Express.  So for example, if you are in California, Washington or Nevada, Fedex Ground/Home may offer an 2 day *estimate. This is NOT the same as 2 day Federal Express.  Two day Federal Express is guaranteed two days service and it is MUCH more expensive.  We do not offer it. 

We are not responsible for any taxes or duties that are due.  We have not had customer complain that this is a problem as all of our products fit within the Nafta Agreement, but we still can't guarantee any additional costs that may upon delivery. 
  • USPS  Int'l First Class/(Option will only be offered if order is within weight and size parameters) -  Delivery Time Varies, but we have found it averages  3-10 depending on your location. 
  •  USPS Int'l Priority:  6-10 days (But we have found it can take 2-3 weeks if you are in East Canada) 


Right now the only option offered is Parcel Post and Priority, both of which have reasonable rates with light items, but it can get very expensive if you order pellets or heavier items.  We can offer flat rate shipping with the largest box of 12 x 12 x 5 1/2, but that is not that big -- it can only hold about two of the 10 pound bags of pellets.  However, it cost $14.65, which can still be a savings of $10 dollars or more compared to the other methods.  If you are interested in using a flat rate box, please email us as we have to do this manually and we will instruct you on how to place your order. The store will not offer this option automatically.