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COVID19 Epidemic - BinkyBunny Store is Open!

COVID19 Epidemic - BinkyBunny Store is Open!

We are staying safe!  We are small business isolated in suites away from the public as we are ecommerce....and we are very lucky to have a small dedicated crew who are a bit "hermity" and introverted by nature, so staying healthy, and out of harms way comes naturally. None the less, we are being extra careful, taking all the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and customers safe - which includes scheduling employees on separate shifts to keep them separated as much as possible. Regular checking on employee health and testing when necessary.  (if employee travels or may have been exposed) 
This is a challenging time for everyone right now; isolation, uncertainty, and misinformation can heighten stress. So we want to encourage everyone to hang in there. Hug your bunny, Keep Calm,  and Binky On! 
Please be aware that your order may be delayed due to the nationwide strain on carriers, unprecedented growth and COVID-19 restrictions.