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BinkyBunny Team

BinkyBunny Store - Store.BinkyBunny.com

Since 1987 BinkyBunny and The Busy Bunny (BinkyBunny acquired The Busy Bunny in 2016) have been producing delicious and safe edible toys and treats for pet rabbits and other small animals. We have an impressive array of 200+ unique products specially designed for rabbits, our store has become the top choice for owners seeking fun and safe toys, treats, and food for their furry friends. With the acquisition of The Busy Bunny our combined knowledge and experience spans over 50+ years of bunny-focused business! Here is more Information on BusyBunny becoming part of BinkyBunny.

At our core, we are animal lovers with a particular fondness for bunnies. We take great care in researching and selecting only the best and safest ingredients to ensure that our products are as wholesome and healthy as possible (Organics). Our rabbit chew products are made from entirely natural materials and are entirely edible - even the baskets can be nibbled on! We use untreated Willow and Seagrass to craft our items, prioritizing the quality and safety of our products above all else.

Providing safe chew toys is critical in maintaining a happy and healthy bunny as rabbits naturally need toys to chew on to keep their teeth from overgrowing. By offering a diverse range of chew toys, we also help prevent house rabbits from chewing on inappropriate items such as furniture, carpets, and electrical cords, which can be dangerous.

Our products are not only ideal for rabbits but are also safe and suitable for other small pets, including guinea pigs, chinchillas, and birds. We are dedicated to providing high-quality and safe products for all pets, and we take great pride in what we do.

We use recycled or reused packing materials whenever possible, and compost all of the unusable hay.

A unique selection
The other items we sell - jewelry, notecards, books, etc. - were selected by us because we think that these items are unique.

House Rabbit Community - BinkyBunny.com

This site is dedicated to discovering tips & tricks for living with house rabbits!

I was a broadcast writer/producer who got swept up in my love for bunnies many years ago. My interest in rabbits led me to soak up everything rabbit related. I've attended many rabbit health and behavior classes & workshops taught by vets, rabbit experts, and behaviorist. I've spent many years learning and researching through informative links, great books, years of volunteer work with SaveABunny, years as a rabbit board community leader for iVillage.com before I started BB forum, and countless hours of observation.

After volunteering for years, I witnessed first hand how many amazing bunnies were given up. (And in some cases, if a shelter is overcrowded, a bunny will be at risk for euthanasia). It is sad to see this especially when it can be so easily avoided. Because of what I witnessed, I want to do my part to to help owners understand that there are solutions for many of the reasons rabbits are given up - And that's how BinkyBunny.com came to be. There will always be the breeders vs rescue debate, but our focus on this site is on the individual owner only. Regardless of where someone gets their bunny, our goal is to help them stick with the commitment they made or are about to make, and find solutions to many of the challenges that may come with having a rabbit companion....and to help them appreciate and discover the joy of unique rabbityness.

What works for one rabbit may be totally off base with another. Finding solutions usually comes from combining all that we've learned with trial and error. So come explore the site, and check out our forum -- where you see plenty of trial and error moments through toy selection, challenging bonding, litterbox training, and more. So c'mon in, explore and share; We'll learn together.

All with one goal in mindBINKY BUNNIES!

NOTE: This is a house rabbit community.  We are focused on non-breeding rabbits who live inside of the home.  Diet, care and advice will cater to this kind of arrangement. Rabbits that live outside, and/or are breeding may have different care and nutritional needs.