Binky Rewards Loyalty Club

View your Loyalty Membership and Points Balance by clicking on the orange "Binky Rewards" Button a the bottom center of the store homepage. 
Points are only added to one account (email) and cannot be combined. Be sure to use one account.
How the Loyalty Program Works: 
  • Create an Account in the BinkyBunny Store if you haven't already. If you have an account in our store you are already a Binky Rewards Loyalty Club Member. Nothing more for you to do.
  • Make a purchase for your furry friend. You'll receive 1 point per dollar spent, and you can also do one of the actions listed below to receive additional points.
  • If you had an account in the old store, your points have been transferred over to the new store, WOOHOO!


Points Redemption:
  1. View your Loyalty Membership by clicking on "Binky Rewards" in the lower left of the store homepage.
  2. Redeem Points for Vouchers via the REWARDS tab and select the voucher you want to use (your points balance will determine which voucher you can select).
  3. Receive Additional Points by clicking on the EARN tab and completing one of the items listed there.
NOTE: Points from your current order cannot be used on your current order. Your points are added after your order ships and can be used on your next order if you have enough points to qualify for a rewards voucher.
REWARDS - Earn 1 point for every $1 spent in store (REWARDS TAB):
  • 100 points = $5 Voucher
  • 200 points = $10 Voucher
  • 400 points = $20 Voucher
  • 600 points = $30 Voucher
  • 800 points = $60 Voucher
  • 1000 points = $100 Voucher
EARN -  points doing the following actions (EARN TAB):
  • MAKE A PURCHASE = 1 point per $1.00
  • CREATE AN ACCOUNT = 10 points
  • COMPLETE PROFILE = 20 points
  • ON YOUR BIRTHDAY = 10 points
  • REFER A FRIEND = 50 points
  • REVIEW A PRODUCT = 10 points
  • FOLLOW ON TWITTER = 10 points
  • TWEET ABOUT US = 10 points
  • FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM = 10 points
  • LIKE ON FACEBOOK = 10 points
  • SHARE ON FACEBOOK = 20 points