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Nibble STICKS Variety Pack

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Organic Apple, Dogwood, Pear...and Willow.  NOTE: Partially Organic - All sticks are organic, except for the willow sticks which are all natural-pesticide free

Why just settle for one type of wood? Enrich your bunny's playtime with four different types of bunny safe and nomalicious wood sticks. Apple, Dogwood, Pear and Willow sticks offer a great variety to keep your bunny busy!

Does your bunny have a hard time chewing sticks because they don't stay still? Weave them into one of our Grass Mats!

ALL sticks are safe from RHDV.  Have not been harvested in any known RHDV areas but also have been quarantined for over 4 months just to be safe! 

Variety may vary from time to time based on availability. Watch for wood type changes in this description.

Being a natural product - Variety of sizes may change:


  • APPLE STICKS - (Med-dark brown)similar to willow, but shorter sticks. More ridges in the wood texture.
  • DOGWOOD - Distinct Red wood. Thinner pieces, some with branches.
  • PEAR STICKS - Med Brown, similar to Apple but with lighter edges.
  • WILLOW STICKS- Light Brown to Dark brown, longer sticks. Wood is smoother than Apple and Pear.


  • The light fuzz on the apple sticks is normal -- this is NOT mold. It is a safe natural part of the wood.
  • Organic Dogwood, Organic Pear, Organic Jerusalem Artichoke sticks. All Natural, Pesticide free Willow Sticks.


  • Average Size: L: 4"-8"W: 1/16 to 1/4" diameter; Varies greatly due to different wood types
  • Weight: 2 oz.