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The "Binky On!" sticker was inspired by our BinkyBunny mascot, Jack. He was found at a city shelter and it was clear that Jack desperately needed socializing. He'd lunge, bite and hide away.He was at risk for euthanasia at the city shelter and so SaveABunny.org took him in, but his social skills were still rough. The owners of BinkyBunny, Jen and Steve asked to foster him. They worked with Jack to let him know he had nothing to fear. With patience and lots of love, Jack soon blossomed into an affectionate fun-loving goofy bunny who loved to run and binky. Jen and Steve adopted him and the rest is history. Jack lived a great life - (RIP 2011). He is a testament to how much anyone, (human and animals), can change and get through the toughest times. "Binky on" highlights rescue work and symbolizes the strength we all have to get to the other side of things, (big or small). Sometimes we just need a reminder.

We also have been using the term," Binky on" for many years in our forum when a member's bunny has crossed over the rainbow bridge. Especially if the bunny had been sick or suffering and the pain is now over, and the bunny is now free.



    • Dimensions: 4" x 4"