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Puppet & Surrogate - Floppy Bunny

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CAUTION: Though this model is one of my personal favorites because it is so very soft and it's larger than the others, and its fur is the shortest and sheds less - However, it has a little bean bag, filled with plastic beads, at the bottom of each floppy ear. One of our customers said it was easy for her to cut a slit in the ear, and pull the little bag out. I originally discontinued this surrogate once I found out about the beads, but my bunny Vivian loves this bunny, and many of our customers said their bunnies love this model too. So instead of discontinuing it, completely, we are just issuing this warning: There are little bean bags in the bottom of the ears that you may want to remove, especially since some bunnies like to nibble on the surrogates ears. It would be harmful for your bunny to digest the plastic beads. There is also a bean bag inside of the bunny toward the back, but it's much more buried inside (it's gives it weight). However, you need to be aware and make sure to take the surrogate away if your bunny likes to tear it to pieces, instead of the groom it.

My bunnies have always loved to cuddle up to a toy bunny buddy, and now we found the perfect one! Superior quality, non-shedding material, ultra soft Floppy Bunny Rabbit is a 17-inch bundle of bunny buddy joy. Watch your lonely bunny snuggle with their new friend just like they would with a real bunny. This bunny rabbit puppet has a place for your hand just behind the front legs with movable mouth and front paws as you can have floppy bunny groom your bunny!

TIPS TO HELP YOUR BUNNY ACCEPT THE SURROGATE: Make it smell like a bunny. Brush your bunny's fur and then rub all the loose fur from the comb all over the surrogate. Or cuddle with the surrogate yourself to get your own scent on it. That way, the surrogate smells less like a toy. I know that may sound goofy, but it works. Of course, this doesn't have to be for your bunny! Holland Lop Rabbit will hop into the hearts of young and old alike! A perfect gift for your favorite bunny lovin' human, (which could be you too!). Note: Though MY bunnies can be chewers, they do not chew on their bunny buddy. (may have a small little love nibble here and there). However, there is no guarantee that your bunny won't chew on this either. If you bunny does try and actually eat the material, you will have to remove it from your bunny. 



  • Size: 17" x 8" x 7" Tall
  • Age: 3+