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Corrugated Floor Roll

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Corrugated Floor Rolls For added fun and traction, now your bunnies can enjoy natural corrugated cardboard flooring that can be added to cottage ramp for more traction and it can also be adapted to our other cardboard playhouses, like the Cottontail Cottage, Maze Haven and Mini Haven, or to your own cardboard creation - You will just have to order what you need and trim where needed. Recommend Elmers Glue for a non-toxic way to adhere to whatever you need.

For bunnies that like to run at high speeds through the tunnel, it helps with traction. And for bunnies that prefer digging and chewing, this will keep them busy. Also perfect for bunnies that are a little shy and worried about slipping when they first enter the tunnel. Fits perfectly in the Ton O' Fun Bun Run Tunnel when you lay it down before you lock in the tabs of the tunnel.

Also good to use for the ramps and flooring within the Cottontail Cottage - you'd have to cut to size and adhere it on yourself, but it's good for bunnies who may need that extra traction and/or need it to maneuver between levels.

Can also be used on its own for shredding fun or cut and use inside playpens and cages.


  • Dimensions: 12" x 36"
  • Weight: 8 oz.