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Spring Carrot Treats

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Cute Spring Carrot Treats that don't have a bunch of unnecessary ingredients. No added powders, artificial colors or any added ingredients. Made with Fruit/Veggies which provides a natural vibrant color.  Simple healthy treat made with Organic Oat Flour and Carrots.  That's it!  Completely Nom-worthy!

  • Home made with lots of tender loving care by FluffyBunConfections.  
  • Baked and dehydrated slowly to ensure the highest ingredients and flavor. 
  • Meant for rabbits 4 months and older 
  • Due to this being a handmade product, coloring, size and thickness may slightly vary.
  • 9 Spring Carrots

    Serving Size:  You may feed half a toast to your fur baby a day.  You can also break it up into even small tidbits to be able to give a little bit a a couple of times a day (but still staying within the serving size.) 

    Serving size is for the average healthy rabbit.  Always pay close attention to your bunny's health and remember, anytime you add anything new into your fur babies diet, introduce it slowly. 

    Storage Recommendations: You can store in the same bag they came in; however it is recommended to keep in an air tight jar.  Store in dry, cool area away from sunlight to ensure freshness. 

    Recommended to use within 2-3 months. However, since these treats are dehydrated they remain good for up to 5 months if you are storing it correctly.