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Willow Bowl

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My Bunny loves this! (and a favorite among our customers too). Viv loves to nibble on this each night and it slowly gets smaller and smaller. Great for her teeth and mental enrichment. Something so simple and smart! This untreated unpeeled willow bowl is ideal to hold hay, toys, etc. for your bunny. 

Perfect for all sizes of bunnies. Can be used as a hay dish or a place to store small bunny toys for as long as it lasts! All natural, unpeeled, chewable. These new unpeeled willow baskets make great chew toys that bunnies love to nibble and chew on.

 Bunnies love chewing down the sides leaving a flat bottom.  If your bunny leaves the bottom, you can add soft treats like raisins, cranberries etc, within the weave to entice them to get busy with the Basket Bottoms!  Add other toys and treats to the basket to create a fun activity for your bunny or create a thoughtful gift for a friend with a bunny

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  • Size: 7.5" Diameter x 3" tall
  • Weight: 4 oz