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An amazing cardboard tunnel that stretches, twists and turns! Can expand in width and stretches in length, (over 5 feet!). Simulates a burrow feel that bunnies love! Buy multiple tunnels, and create a labyrinth of ever changing tunnel pathways. (See multiple tunnel discount). It's so easy to change around, you can create a whole new bunny burrow playground in seconds. Your bunny won't be able to resist exploring over and over again!

Great to use with other play structures too - make a bunny Haven Town!

We've been testing and perfecting this tunnel for over 2 years, and my bunnies have never gotten bored of it. Encourages exercise even in my senior aged bunnies, Jack and Vivian. And when you're ready to put it away, it collapses to 7", then you can just fasten with the two hook and loop ties. Unlike other tunnels made from cloth, cardboard is safer for bunnies to chew as it is much more digestible. Plus, cardboard makes it darker inside just the way bunnies like it. Not to mention cardboard is better for the environment.

Great for other animals too: Our cat loves these tunnels! Ferrets and Chins are curious creatures too who like to explore and hide out.


Do you see rips/imperfections on the edges?   Here's why  - Parts of this are made from recycled paper.  This adds to a variance in the weight and texture.  Also paper moisture-dryness plays a part in how the paper covers the accordion-like folds.  The paper is scored (little holes) to make it easier to bend but yet stay strong.  The the little rips/perforations are not structural, but just not always aesthetically pleasing.  We do our best to keep those to a minimum. 

Some tunnels are more flexible and hold their shape better than others, In most cases this does not affect it except if you have your tunnels on hardwood or smooth flooring. Using a cloth flooring will help it retain it's structure.   

A small amount of glue is located inside end flaps in small quantities and is not easily accessible. If your rabbit is a heavy chewer remove the tunnel when it is no longer structurally sound. 

If your rabbit chews and ingests excessive amounts of cardboard remove the product from them.  Any toy that is consumed excessively will fill a bunny up and prevent them from getting proper fiber intake for a healthy digestive system.  


  • Size:
    • Collapsed: 7"L x 12"W x 14"H
    • Normal Expanded: 48"L x 18"W x 14"H; Inside: 10"H x 10 W"
    • Max Expanded: 64"L x 24"W x 14"H; Inside: 9"H x 16 W"
  • Weight: 2.05 lb.