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Cord Protector - Protects wires from chewing pets (2 Sizes)

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Makes your home safety and protect your pet friends: Anti bite tubing makes your pet more safety in your home. 


  • From BinkyBunny: My bunny has tried apple sticks before with little interest. THESE she loves.
  • IF YOUR PET CONTINUES TO CHEW THE CORD/CABLE AFTER APPLICATION. While the Cord Protectors are a deterrent they are not foolproof. If they continue to chew try to apply some bitter apple or other sent/taste deterrent. If that doesn't work we recommend you discontinue use or relocate your cords so it is not easy for your pet to get to.


  • Size: 
    • 15 ft. x 1/2"
    • 15ft. by 3/4"


  1. Cut the length to the size of the cord/cable.
  2. Find the slit and put the wire in. You can run your finger down the tubing just in front of the cord/cables as you insert them.
  3. Once the wire is insert, the slit will remain closed.