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Litter Box - EASY ENTRY (2 Sizes)

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Amazing NEW Easy Entry Litter Box by "Bunny-Go-Here"  

Durable, Long Lasting, Good Looking!

Sizing Opinion: The SMALL size is really a LARGE (20"D x 15"W x 5"H) and the Large size is really an EXTRA LARGE (20"D x 24"W x 5"H).  These were originally sized for cats and dogs. 
    • SMALL: Lavender, Green, Black
      • Dimensions: 20"D x 15"W x 5"H (3" Entry Height)
    • LARGE: Gray
      • Dimensions: 20"D x 24"W x 5"H (3" Entry Height)

Perfect for aging and disabled bunnies...and for Extra Large Bunnies and ANY bunny that could use the encouragement of litterbox training with an easy entry.  

These are more expensive than the "basic" boxes but the incredible strength and durability of these Easy Entry Boxes saves over the long run. A true quality purchase! 

Why THESE boxes? Customers have been requesting easy entry boxes for their aging arthritic and disabled bunnies for many years.  We understood as we had disabled bunnies ourselves.  There needs to be an easier way for a bunny to get in and out without tracking litter and poo back out.  We have been searching and we found the solution.  This is that box!

Big Bunnies also need a place to do their bun business, but it's hard to find extra large litter boxes that don't have huge sides. Big Bunnies have their own hefty issues and may not be able to jump over barriers.  They are bigger but not necessarily higher jumpers!  We understand this.    

Regular Bunnies in training:  Sometimes the normal size bunny is just having a hard time figuring things out.  The easy entry, along with some treats, like fresh mint etc in the litter box can help a bunny figure out where they need to go.  Easy Entry litter boxes enables a natural entrance into good bunny litter box habits. 

NOTE: If you need more of a completely flattened entry for your disabled bunny then this box is NOT the one -- as this one still has a decent lip.