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Litter Box & SCREEN KIT

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LITTER BOX & SCREEN KITS ARE MADE TO ORDER.  The screens are made weekly. Depending on when you order, the wait for the order to be shipped out could be 7 -10.  We don't have an easy way to hold pre-orders in the system yet. So that means a label and tracking number will be created and set aside until the the screen is made and order is ready to be shipped.  You will get an email with shipping/tracking info but no actual tracking info will show up until the screens are made and shipped. 

We ship your whole order at once so if you want your other items shipped separately, please order them separately.

  • Petmate Litter Pan - Durable, easy to clean, and eco-friendly!
  • Litter Screen

This screen sits directly on litter. It is not a raised type of screen --- please see the video to see how it works. Check out our Product Feature video about the Litter Screen on YouTube

We created this for our own bunnies many years ago, and it's still in great shape. It saved us money on litter and kept our bunnies feet clean, so now we've decided to share what's worked for us, with you!

As we all know rabbits like to get into their box not only to do their "business" but to also hang out and eat hay. They will get in and out many times throughout one 24 hour period. By doing this, the unused litter gets mixed with the urine soaked litter, poos and hay pieces, making it difficult to scoop the bad without wasting a lot of the good. With the screen, it allows the urine to soak through into a nice neat confined area which is easy to scoop up, and the poos sit on top of the screen, making them easy to throw out, while preserving the litter below.


If you use sheets of paper or shredded paper for litter, this screen will not work well with it. -- Needs to be an absorbent litter like compressed pellets of paper or wood.

Plus, the fact that it is so easy to just lift the screen and dump the poos daily makes it a cleaner place for your bunnies to hang out in. And if your bunny is a "digger" and loves to make a mess of his habitat, then this is the perfect solution.

When you put hay in the box like we do, the screen makes it even that much easier to separate it all and then just scoop out the soaked litter spots.

The galvanized metal handles acidic aspect of urine very well, and the tightly woven mesh screen makes it easier on bunnies sensitive hocks.

We've had the same litter box screen for over five years now and it's going strong--and with no less than two bunnies at one time it gets a lot of action! Plus, it has held up very well against our scrub brushes and soaking when needed.


Wash it will soap and water whenever you change the litter or it appears dirt.

If you start to see mineral buildup, white or yellowish color, soak the screen with vinegar for a few minutes. Rinse the screen with water after you have soaked it. Don't let the vinegar stay on to long as it will remove the galvanization from the wire and decrease the life of your screen.


If you have a larger bunny, a Rex breed, or a bunny that likes to hang out in the litter box, then we advise you to put a a little hay over the screen (as we did in the video) so that your bunnies feet are fully protected.


  • Litter Box Sizes:
    • Medium: 15"L x 12"w x 4"h (comes w/Medium Screen)
    • Large: 18.5"L x 15"w x 5"h (comes w/ Large Screen)
  • Litter Box Color: Mouse Gray