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Curly Q Stick

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Bunnies love this because it is similar to a natural root or stick that they would instinctively chew on in the wild. The curly shape is enticing. The softer thinner sticks strands are easy for them to sink their teeth into and get something really accomplished while they have to work a bit more at the trunk.  Fun time Bun time!  This natural willow Curly Q stick measures about 15" (38.10 cm). Created by taking several long strands of unpeeled willow bundled together and then creating the curly Q top. 

NOTE: What are those fuzzy buds? Sometimes the willow blooms. The bud flowers into a fuzzy bloom - looks a tiny fuzzy bug or caterpillar, but that is just part of the Willow Plant. It is not harmful. It is not mold. It is just a natural part of the plant growth.