Willow Wreath BARE - 5 PACK


There are different species of willow - These are from weeping willow trees. The same kind that the Full Foliaged Willow Wreaths come from, but smaller. Winter comes and the leaves turn and fall, leaving the tasty little twigs behind. These are thinner than our other mini rings and may not last as long, which is why they are less expensive.

All Natural. Untreated and pesticide free.


  • Limited Seasonal Product: These are also only available while supplies last.
  • ONLY AVAILABLE AS A 5 PACK: Size, color and thickness within the 5 pack will vary greatly.


  • Average Size:
    • Outside Diameter = 3"
    • Willow is about a little over 1/4" thick
  • Shipping Weight: 3 oz.