Just Apples


Now available by popular demand! Little shoestring shape is a favorite!. The perfect (bunny) snack! Dehydrated deliciousness! Just Apples is exactly what it says -- No additives, preservatives, or sweetener. Picked fresh and dried at low temperatures to preserve flavor and essential nutrients. You get a lot in 3 ounces!

This is definitely a treat you can have too! Bunnies and Humans love them!

Note from Jennifer, owner of BinkyBunny: " My bunny Aria loves these, and we snack on them together as a fun bonding experience...that is before she tries to steal my share. :)


  • Remember, as with any treat, offer sparingly to prevent digestive problems and obesity


  • Size: 3 oz.


  • Dehydrated Apples (Just Apples)