Shipping Costs

Did you leave due to the cost of shipping?

Tips to help make the most out of your shipping buck:

  • Increasing the size of your order will only slightly increase your shipping costs. Better to buy more to get more for your shipping buck (or doe).
  • Having your order shipped via FedEx Ground to a BUSINESS address will reduce shipping costs.
  • Heavy or large items may make shipping costs very pricey to Eastern zones and Canada.
If it’s still over your budget, we have many other unique products that your bunny will love – like wonderful treats and toys – that may be lighter weight and cheaper to ship.

    Why don’t we offer free or flat rate shipping? Here’s what’s up with that:

    We are a small, independent business. The cost you receive is the exact cost that is charged to us. Big companies have made free or discounted shipping the norm, folding their cost into the product price, and that’s challenging for us small guys. Our shipping cost are NOT folded into the product costs you see.

    Big companies receive deep discounts from their distributors. They will sometimes operate at a lose to put smaller operations out of business leaving them to charge more in the future once they have crushed the competition. We know their tactics as we have been approached by large retailers and their demands are impossible to meet and still have a viable business.

    As we grow (and we are!) we will pass on our discounts to you. So while you may pay for shipping with us, you can choose from a large variety of unique premium products, many of which you can’t get at the big stores.

    Our products are created for bunnies by bunny lovers who care about the health and safety of your bunny. We are proud to have amazing products that bunnies love!

    Goin’ Shopping’ helps keep BinkyBunny up and Hopping!

    Your purchase helps support the rest of the BinkyBunny site. It’s a free membership that provides education about litter training, house proofing, behavior, bonding and more. We also help you with your bunny challenges by providing a forum for your questions and a place to share with like-minded bunny lovers. All of which is made possible because of your store purchase! Thank you for supporting a small business that cares about your bunny. We are proud to have the best customers around!

    If you are still unable to purchase from us, that's okay!  Binky on over and visit the rest of and become part of the forum and information community (FREE).

    Our Technology

    If you're a nerd this order example might be interesting to you.

    Our system calculates a box size based on the size of the products and gets the rate from our shippers in real-time based on the total weight of the box and products OR the box size (dimensional weight) which ever is the greater weight.

    If you orders 4 products, it is smart enough to figure out which box they will fit into. Here is an example of what we see for each order so that we calculate the shipping correctly and give you the best price on shipping.
    [Packing Summary]
    • Box type: 14 x 10 x 8 (We have 50 plus box sizes to make sure your products can be packages in the smallest box possible)
    • Exterior dimensions: 14.56 in x 10.56 in x 8.56 in 
    • Interior space: 14.0 in x 10.0 in x 8.0 in 
    • Total weight: 1.82 lbs 
    • Weight of contents: 1.06 lbs 
    • Contents: 
      • Timothy Tunnel (Timothy CLUB): 0.7 lbs (quantity: 1)
      • Square Basket LARGE [6.75"]: 0.2 lbs (quantity: 1)
      • "Binky On" Sticker: 0.0 lbs (quantity: 1)
      • Willow Twigs & Sticks (Combo of 15): 0.2 lbs (quantity: 1) 
    [End Packing Summary]
    Picture of how to pack the box.
    A lot of tech goes into shipping bunny products :) and to give you the best rate possible.