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Five Birch Blocks

Build 'em up. Nom 'em down!  Birch is another safe wood for bunnies to chew and digest.  These are bark free and get your bunny right to the core.  The edges of the blocks are something that a bunny can get a hold of and chomp on.  The smell and texture is something they love to sink their teeth into. Rabbits teeth are constantly growing and finding things to entice your bunny to chew on promotes good dental health. These are locally grown, thoroughly dried cuts that still have the fresh scent of Birch to inspire a chomp-fest.

Birch has different colorings from light to dark to a mix.  Some natural coloring can be mistaken for mildew -- see second photo.  This is a natural coloring. 


  • We cannot take special orders for preferred size/shape. Sorry! We supply what is available. The size and shapes of these will vary depending on what is available each season.


  • Size Varies: Average 2" x 2" x 1"