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Grape Vine Basket Peeled [5"]

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NEW!  We know how much bunnies love baskets.  So in addition to Willow and Palm, we now have a Grape Vine Basket! Super Nommy. All natural  edible peeled grape vine creates a soft chewable texture that bunnies also love.  Can put hay, treats, feed, greens inside or turn it upside down to make a hide and seek basket.  You can also make it into a Grape Find Treat Basket Box by buying two -  tie two together with sea grass Twine (sold separately. ) A Do-it-yourself double fun chew toy. See example photo

It's also great solo.  Bunnies love to toss and chew it.  Simple easy fun. 

These are all natural so they will vary slightly in color, texture, thickness and size. 

Does your bunny loves these?  Save on our 12 Pack Bundle


  • Some of the grape vine is darker wood. This is just a normal coloration variance. 


  • Size:  5" Round, 3" Tall (Tapered)