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HairBuster Comb - DeShedding Tool for Small Pets

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HairBuster This is a BinkyBunny favorite! Woohoo, no more Khaa choo! This really is a very unique comb that gets the job done . We've had ours for over 5 years and it looks as good as new and works just as well as the day we got it. We used many kinds of combs and brushes over the years, (slickers, rubber combs, grooming gloves, Furminator) and The Patented HairBuster comb is our personal favorite. It controls shedding as it effectively grips and removes loose, dead and tangled hair from thin to thick undercoats without scratching or harming your pet's skin. It also doesn't over-groom like some brush/comb can. Rabbits molt about four times per year.

Some rabbits molt heavily (explosion molt) that takes less than a week, while other molt slowly over a few weeks. There are also some bunnies that do a light shedding, it seems, throughout the year. The HairBuster comb handles it all.

Each HairBuster comb is constructed with rounded tip tines for your pet's comfort. The tine spacing and/or tine length safely reach your pet's undercoat. The tines, in combination with the color sleeve, gently lift, grip, and remove the loose hair and dander. As grooming continues, loose hair is stored in the sleeve and removed by brushing the hair off the tines or removing the sleeve to rinse.

Additionally, rounded tines gently massage your pets skin, and in addition the friction between the sleeve and the hair, helps to stimulate the fatty acids to transfer into the coat, which makes your pet look shiny. The tines and the sleeve are design to lift-up, grip, store and removes tiny loose, dead, and tangled hair that beads between the healthy hairs from the skin up to the surface coat. It breaks up and removes light hair mats.

(Comb sideways with hair keeping the tines horizontal) Manufactured out of the highest quality, longest lasting quality carbon brass nickel steel.

Chrome plated. Comfort formed wooden handle, heavily lacquered, easy to grip. Long lasting removable purple sleeve that is woven within the tines for an optimum storage and removal of fine, loose, dead, and tangled pet hair. Rounded tine ends to avoid scratching and harming of the pet's skin.


  • May not work as well on Long-haired bunnies as it may pull - handle with care. Rex bunnies may have different experiences with this as well due to their short thick curly fur. Some seems to do fine with and others it doesn't get enough or causes pulling.


  • Weight: 2 oz.
  • Brand: BunnyGear