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Oat/Alfalfa or Timothy hay

*IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE TIMOTHY VERSION: Most of these TIMOTHY cubes are much smaller and more crumbly.  This is because the new Timothy crop texture is not binding the same way and since these are bound only by steam, no other binder ingredient, the Timothy hay can be more fragile.  These are from different fields/different location/supplier and so the Timothy hay is not exactly the same. Some bunnies are taking a liking, while others who are used to the previous versions, are snubbing their noses up!  

If you haven't tried newer Timothy version, we recommend to only get the smaller 9oz pack first to see if your bunny likes it -- and also give your bunny some time - It can be snubbed for a week or more before all of sudden your bunny takes a liking.  

Steam-Heat compressed blocks of No binders or other additives.  JUST hay.

Hay Cubes help with a bunny's need to chew while keeping their teeth trim. It will keep them busy as the Hay Cubes are like a toy with nutritional benefits. 


  • 9 oz. Timothy
  • 2 lbs. Timothy 
  • 9 oz. Oat/Alfalfa
  • 2 lbs. Oat/Alfalfa


  • Offer moderate roughage
  • Help keep teeth trim
  • Prevents boredom
  • Helps digestion due to the hay content


  • Size: 9 oz. & 2 lbs. Bulk Pack


    • Timothy Cube: 
      • Protein 10% (not less than) 
      • Crude Fat 2.5% (not less than) 
      • Crude Fiber 31% (not more than) 
    • Oat/Alfalfa:
      • Protein 12% (not less than)
      • Calcium. 1.2% (not less than)
      • Crude Fiber 30% (not more than)
      • Ash 12% (not more than)