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Herbal Loofah Chews

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Partial Organic - Loofahs are not organic:

One of the most popular original chew toys by The Well Kept Rabbit. These loofah gourds have been transformed into enticing safe herbal chew toys for your bunny, guinea pig, or other small pet! They provide a healthy herbal snack AND a fun opportunity to stimulate and enrich your small pet's brain, curbing their appetite for destructive behavior due to boredom!

Both sides of each loofah slice is garnished with delicious organic herbs! The chews can naturally vary in size but on average are about 3-4" in diameter and 1" tall.

Never treated with bleach, pesticides, or other chemicals! Be wary of loofahs on the market that are very light colored and uniform - they likely have been treat with chemicals and bleach - an unhealthy combo for your beloved pet!

SIZE: pack of 3 loofah chews (slice into smaller portions to extend use)

INGREDIENTS: natural loofah, rose petals*, calendula*, chamomile*, oat tops*, cornflower*, lavender*, oat flour,* banana* (*certified organic)

DIRECTIONS: allow as a chew toy while under supervision

SUITABLE FOR: rabbits & guinea pigs. We recommend seeking advice from a veterinarian or expert before providing this treat to other species.

STORAGE: for maximum freshness transfer to an airtight container and store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: this product has been reviewed and recommended by Lucile Moore PhD, widely recognized rabbit expert and author of "Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing".

Our nutritional treats are a complimentary addition to your pet's daily diet and dosage should not be exceeded. Serving size formulated for the average healthy rabbit; consult with an expert about recommended dosage for other species. Minimum age for use is 6 months. Always introduce new foods slowly. Product does not replace proper vet care or medication.

A little bit of info about and from the creator of this product line: 

  • Well Kept Rabbit’s owner, Anna, is a dedicated advocate for rabbits, an Educator affiliated with the House Rabbit Society (one of the leading rabbit advocacy groups in the US) and has studied herbalism for over a decade. At Well Kept Rabbit we firmly believe in the timeless wisdom of "Let food be thy medicine.” Another core belief and value we hold is that herbs serve as a potent instrument for overall health and well-being and offer a delightful form of enrichment for rabbits, aligning with the natural dietary patterns of their wild counterparts. In crafting our nutritious treats and forages, we collaborate closely with a doctor of biology specializing in rabbit health and nutrition, ensuring that each offering is meticulously researched and developed.
  • Our goal is to craft treats full of nutritional support and avoid "empty calorie" treats. Each of our unique treats include prebiotics, probiotics, fiber, and nutritional herbs & superfoods that benefit a wide variety of systems in the body. We like to think of our products as “love in the form of a treat”.
  • We undergo routine evaluations conducted by our state Department of Agriculture, ensuring that we consistently uphold the latest health code standards.