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Mats & Sticks Activity Pack (Limited Edition)

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About 20% savings when purchasing this pack.   

What's better than Mats or Sticks? Mats AND sticks. These mats are perfect for weaving small Dogwood chew sticks within to create a quick and easy activity mat. They can be arranged in a way that best suits your bunny's chewing style:  On edges, in middle, or throughout.  Weave them in flat or use sticks that have a little light branch that can safely stick up just slightly- That jumpstarts the chewing instincts! Foraging fun to keep them busy and out of trouble. We also added a cute sticker just for you.  A little reward for being an amazing human companion to your bunny.  

We supply the sticks and mats; You weave them in and create the arrangement.   

We do not substitute other sticks for Dogwood.  The other sticks, Apple, Pear, Willow can also be woven but they have to be purchased separately. The cost of the other sticks prohibits us from including them in this discounted pack.  


(ALL Bunny safe for Bunny to chew - EXCEPT for the sticker, of course )

  • Sea Grass Square Mat
  • Regular Sea Grass Mat - Small
  • Double Sea Grass Mat - Small
  • Dogwood Sticks (we cannot substitute for other sticks)
  • Bunny Sticker