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Mini Hay Bale - WHEAT

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Great for Timothy allergy sufferers! A great hay to mix in with others too to create a variety. Slight sweet taste of Wheat attracts even the pickiest of eaters! Has fine seed heads that makes for easy digestion. A great companion hay to mix in with others. Perfect for rabbits that snub their noses up at all other hays or have calcium intake issues, and it's a great way to mix in a little variety.

Ever since I started giving this to my bunny Bailey, her sensitive digestive system has improved. She eats more hay than ever! This is great for bunnies going through a molt. Encouraging them to eat hay will help them keep the hair moving through their digestive tract. Bunnies who have sensitivity to calcium, with sludge and stone issues, can also benefit from the lower calcium in Oat and Wheat hays. People who are allergic to grass hays may find Oat a better alternative. Note: Wheat and Oat are grain hays and are typically a bit courser than grass hays. Mini bales are perfect to mix and match with our other hays.  Easy to store until you're ready to open.

About all of the super compressed mini bales we sell:

Hays are brought directly from the field to our supplier's sealed air conditioned facilities to assure its freshness and to assure it isn't exposed to rodents or birds as barn stored hay can be.

Guaranteed freshness, dye free and pesticide free! Don't be fooled by other mini-bales now being sold at pet stores. Compare the hay quality and the weights of these mini-bales against the ones in the store. These mini-bales pack in more the buck!


  • Size: 13" x 6" x 5.5"
  • Average Weight: 44 oz


  • Fiber 36.5%
  • Protein - 6.7%
  • Calcium - .14%
  • Crude Fat 1.%