Nibble Noms - Organic (Multiple Choices)


Nibble Noms By Flopper's Garden A New Healthy Product! Developed by a certified herbalist and fellow bunny rescuer/lover.

Nibble Noms are tasty, organic herbal treats that can also be used for wellness support. These highly nutritive treats offer considerable nutrients and gentle supplemental support for overall health, vigor, and vitality.

No additives - just naturally tasty, naturally healthy organic Noms that bunnies love to Nibble on! A little goes a long way. Use a pinch as a stand alone treat or sprinkled on top of salad or over pellets, added to Flopper's Garden herbal mixes as needed for special needs bunnies and more. Great made into teas for you too.


  • Alfalfa Leaves and Stems -Organic, Non GMO, herb (not to be used as hay) for overall health. Highly nutritious as the roots go deep into the soil and pull a lot of nutrients up into the plant. One of the top traditionally used herbs for arthritis and helpful for strengthening connective tissue.
  • Chamomile (1 oz) - This general purpose calming and digestive aid is also good for skin irritations when used as an herbal rinse. Some bunnies enjoy cooled chamomile tea to drink.
  • Green Oats (1 oz) (best for adult bunnies) - Nutritive with considerable nutrients for overall health. Especially helpful for adult bunnies needing extra nourishment and calories. Often put into formulas for easing anxiety and stress, these nutritive immature oats, as well as oat straw herb in the "milk" stage, are considered by herbalists a nervine. A much-loved treat for adult bunnies and perhaps the best nervous system tonic for aging or debilitated animals. Green oat tops are great to combine with chamomile to help during recovery from stress Giving "oats" has been controversial in some circles and the information on the net can be very confusing. Given judiciously as treats, not as a main food source, oats can be a real healthy treat your bunny will love.
  • Red Clover Herb (1 oz) - A floral nutritive and tonic herb. While helpful to promote general health the strongest affinities are with the liver, blood, and skin. May be used internally and externally (for example a cooled tea can be useful for flaky dry skin for symptomatic relief). Red clover was first introduced to the US from Europe as a feed crop for livestock. Packed with vitamins, minerals and other health promoting components, it is best known her bally for its internal use as a blood-lymph purifier. Also considered to help optimize digestion.
  • Rosehips (For adult bunnies only) - Tasty, tart fruit treat which can be used as vitamin C supplement (great for guinea pigs), giving the usual vitamin C benefits. There is some research indicating rose hips may be helpful for arthritis and back pain. Recommended: 1/4 tsp, three times a week. Caution: If Rosehip is used in too high a quantity may have a laxative effect Personal Note: My bunny finds these too tart on their own, but she will Nom on these when I mix them with her other favorites - like the Alfalfa leaves and Chamomile.

  • Dandelion ROOT (for adult bunnies only) - Highly nutritive. One of the most complete plant foods, dandelion benefits many systems of the body, but the root especially is used as a gentle liver function strengthener. Recommended: 1/4 tsp, three times a week. Caution: If used in too high a quantity may have a laxative effect

    NOTE: Due to product availability - there is a 6 or 8 qty limit per customer. Limit varies per product.