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Nom Nom Dom Kit | NEW

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The Nom Nom Dom is a fun design that caters to rabbits natural instincts to chew and forage. Its almost like a Kong for bunnies! The holes are perfect for placing in sticks, herbs and greens as well as hiding treats like raisins, cranberries, apples, carrots, or whatever else your bunny loves. This makes them work for it!  We created this kit to help you get started.  Different sized sticks work perfectly when you put two or more together to secure into the holes.  We chose the dried apple because it is squishy, not messy. Making it a easier to squish them in the holes for a fun bun challenge.


1. One Nom Nom Domino  Pine Domino - 7" Length  x 2.5" Width x 3/4 inch thick.
2. One set of Sticks Variety Pack  (If we run out of willow, we will replace with more of the other stick) 
  • APPLE STICKS - (Med-dark brown)similar to willow, but shorter sticks. More ridges in the wood texture.

  • DOGWOOD - Distinct Red wood. Thinner pieces, some with branches.

  • PEAR STICKS - Med Brown, similar to Apple but with lighter edges.

  • WILLOW STICKS - Light Brown to Dark brown, longer sticks. Wood is smoother than Apple and Pear.

3. One Treat Sample of "Just Apples"