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Palm Leaf Mini Round Bowl - 60 PACK | NEW

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We have run out of stock for this item.

Now a better deal with 60. Save 5% when purchasing this 60 pack!

IMPORTANT NOTE/TIP FOR ECOMMERCE WHOLESALERS:   Be sure to pack these well for your own customers.  They are more fragile. We use blank newsprint paper to wrap them well. And to save time:  We pre-wrap the individuals and 6-packs so we can just grab and ship.  It also helps to keep them in perfect condition while on shelves or being bustled around during product collection.


May be mini, but these are big time bunny fun.  Easy for bunnies to Nom, toss and throw.  Chomp Chomp enrichment. Bunnies love Areca Palm Leaves! Safe for chewing and digesting. Chemical and Pesticide Free. High in fiber too. Their texture and scent is enticing - Almost as much as willow! This really gives bunnies something to easily sink their teeth into and make real progress on demolition project, which we all know is a bunny's favorite thing to do!  

Give it a creative enriching boost and put hay and treats in them too! Or tie two bowls together and make your own treat box. You can also put a hole in them, and hang them around your bunny's location, or just throw them in their play area and watch them go at it. Bun-Palm-Nom-Fun!

  • Chemical-FREE | Pesticide-FREE | Plastic-FREE | Soak-FREE
  • PLANT-BASED | 100% Natural and Organic| Made from naturally fallen areca palm leaves | No trees are harmed in the process
  • USDA Certified 100% Biobased Product (ASTM D6866 Laboratory Tested) | Premium Quality


  • Size: 5" x 5" x 1.25" each