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Pinecone Crunchies

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Partially organic:  All organic flavoring.  Pinecones are all natural wild-crafted. 

These tiny little pinecones pack in big flavor! The top four customer-favorite-flavors  are now combined into a delightful woodland assortment of yummy noms! 

Pinecone Crunchies are perfect for diverting your bunny or other small pet's chewing instincts away from household items like furniture, baseboards, and carpet! These treats are typically consumed whole, which is completely safe, but we do advise not exceeding the recommended daily dosage. However, some pets may prefer to simply nibble off the herbs, and that's perfectly fine too! If you find some of the delicious herbs have fallen into the baggie, don't let them go to waste! We suggest sprinkling them onto hay or hand feeding for an extra tasty surprise!

Given that these pinecones are sourced from the wild, they have been quarantined for 4 months to guarantee their safety for consumption in regards to the RHDV2 virus. However, since these cones are harvested directly from trees, the likelihood of them coming into contact with any RHDV2 carriers is extremely low.


  • Banana Cilantro (bright green)
  • Apple Rose (pink)
  • Strawberry Basil (brown-green)
  • Blueberry Mint (darker brown with a hint of purple/blueberry bits)

INGREDIENTS: wild-harvested pinecones, banana*, apple*, blueberry*, basil*, cilantro*, peppermint*, rose petals* (*certified organic)

NET WEIGHT: 0.75 oz (~36-38 pinecones) The pinecones can naturally vary in size but on average are about 1/2-1" tall.

FEEDING DIRECTIONS: 1-2 pinecones daily; pinecones are safe to consume but do not allow your pet to consume more than the daily recommended dosage

SUITABLE FOR: rabbits & guinea pigs. While it may be safe to consume, we recommend seeking advice from a veterinarian or expert before providing this treat to other species.

STORAGE: for maximum freshness transfer to an airtight container and store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: This product has been reviewed and recommended by Lucile Moore PhD, widely recognized rabbit expert and author of Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing. 

Nutritional treats are a complimentary addition to your pet's daily diet and dosage should not be exceeded. Serving size formulated for the average healthy rabbit; consult with an expert about recommended dosage for other species. Minimum age for use is 6 months. Always introduce new foods slowly. Product does not replace proper vet care or medication.