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Spoony-Forky Birch Thingy | NEW

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It's a rattle, no, it's two rattles or three or four...or 8 individual chews toys you can tie around your bunny's play area. Or is it a chew-fest garland? Or a toss around toy?  It's all those and whatever else you and your bunny decide. It's the Spoony-Forky Birch Thingy! You decide what you want it to be.  Your bunny gets 4 Birch Forks and 4 Birch Spoons and 1 three foot Sea grass Twine.  

Tips for Twine Chewers:  For bunnies that like to chew the twine first. Tie more knots in between the utensils or put the utensils closer together a knot in between. You can also tie one or two where you want  (tie tightly to whatever spot you choose, leaving less loose twine. For a "Garland" type toy --Hanging it up a little higher may encourage your bunny to get through the utensils first. 

  • Chemical-FREE | Pesticide-FREE | Plastic-FREE | Soak-FREE
  • PLANT-BASED | 100% Natural and Organic| No trees are harmed in the process
  • USDA Certified 100% Biobased Product (ASTM D6866 Laboratory Tested) | Premium Quality


  • Spoon & Forks: 6.25" long
  • Sea Grass Twine: 3 ft.
  • AKA: Forny Sperky